With the advancement of technology some business owners quickly jump on every opportunity to go digital while some struggle in porting over to the cloud. Small business owners, especially, like to know the latest on technological trends as it may greatly affect their influence over their target market. However, some small businesses don’t have enough money to purchase software they may need to run things smoothly.

This is where Amazon Web Services comes in handy as it helps businesses, big or small, take some load off infrastructure and cost so they can focus more on productivity. So what is Amazon Web Services (AWS) and why is it important?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a platform that provides secure cloud services. As an AWS partner, you can enjoy low-cost computing resources, scale your business quickly and efficiently, store data, and more.

But, why should a company subscribe to AWS?

AWS is cost-efficient and generally easier to use rather than its competitors. You can maximise the use of AWS but without investing so much on infrastructure which may cost you hundreds of thousands. AWS only bills for resources used making it easier for you save up for other company expenses.

You can collaborate with your team anytime, anywhere to view and revise files. Limit access to certain features or files for your employees to be able to manage their work, monitor, and see progress in their performance.

Integration is easy with cloud-based services meaning you can access and make changes from one cloud service which will translate to another and another. As a business owner, you can sit back relax and watch how different platforms interact while you wait for the end result ---- performance monitoring to employee payroll.

Security! Nothing beats having a secure way of keeping confidential information with the use of cloud-based services such as AWS. Information or data stored can be encrypted which also has the ability to back-up and store data even when there’s a natural calamity or the simplest power outage.

In other words, AWS is powerful, secure and can get you to where you want to go for your business. Senarysoft is an Amazon Web Service Partner which means companies or individuals who work with us get to experience the benefits of using AWS. Less hassle, no worries.